Japan peace group eyes Nobel Peace Prize

A Japanese contender for Nobel Peace Prize said Japan’s pacifist constitution should be awarded in order to encourage individuals to stand against wars.

Naomi Takasu, 38, who heads a group that seeks to support and preserve the constitution’s Article 9, has lobbied for the Nobel Peace Prize, which will be awarded on Friday.

Takasu said winning the prize is not as important as the message embodied in the war-renouncing Article 9.

She hopes the prize will encourage the efforts of individuals struggling to preserve the constitution that stands against wars.

The constitution was imposed on a defeated Japan by occupying Allied Forces after World War II.

But last month, the Abe Administration rammed a security legislation through the upper chamber of its parliament, after the lower house endorsed it in July.

Under the controversial bills, Japan will allow its troops to be dispatched overseas to engage in armed conflicts, for the first time in seven decades.

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