Japan shows military strength in MSDF Fleet Review

The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force held a fleet review on Sunday at the Sagami Bay, off Yokosuka.
Nearly 40 Japanese warships were present for the fleet review. The helicopter carrier Izumo was the centerpiece of the line-up. The helicopter carrier was the biggest warship Japan ever built since World War Two.
Joining the Japanese warships for review were vessels from India, South Korea, Australia, France and the United States, including the Japan-based U.S. aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan.
The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force holds fleet reviews every three years. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attended Sunday’s ceremony.
Abe also went aboard the Ronald Reagan and thus became the first sitting Japanese leader to board a U.S. aircraft carrier. The move was seen to signal the two countries’ enhanced alliance following Japan’s recent enactment of new security laws.

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