Jetpack Flying, pushing beyond boundaries

Jetpack flying, pushing beyond boundaries

This is the first jetpack display in China.

In the suburbs of Beijing, a GoFast jetpack has made its 27-second China debut for 36 meters high – roughly 10 floors.

One crucial person who brought the show to China is Troy Widgery, a former sky diver who founded the GoFast company in 1996.

Widgery believes that to enjoy life, one has to be willing to push beyond the boundaries of what is expected.

Jetpacks are nothing new. The world’s first jetpack flight was launched in New York half a century ago.

That journey lasted 14 seconds and reached a height of four feet above the ground.

Widgery started research on jetpack five years ago, and now, his machine provides enough thrust for a 30-second flight.

The speed of the jetpack also soared from 6 to 80 miles per hour.

But Widgery wants more.

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Researchers have been developing jetpacks powered by turbine, that can be used in people’s daily lives.

But as of now, it still requires a professional athlete with special training to make the flight.

And how to slash the weight of the jetpack remains a challenge.

The pilot, Nick Macomber is a former hockey player. Over two hundred successful flights have made him one of the world’s best jetpack flyers.

SOUNDBITE: Nick Macomber

For now, the breathtaking stunt remains largely a performance by professionals.

And it may still take months, or even years, before an average flying enthusiast could take to the skies in a similar way.

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