Kenya to set up database for ivory and rhino horn inventory

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) announced on Tuesday an inventory exercise of all elephant ivory and rhino horn stockpiles in the country.

This is the first time Kenya’s trophy stockpiles will be digitally inventoried.

Led by Kenya Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Prof. Judy Wakhungu, the project will be undertaken using digital inventory technology.

During the launching ceremony at the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Headquarters in Nairobi, secretary of the country’s Environment Cabinet said the inventory will bring all the related stockpiles in the country into account.

SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): JUDY WAKHUNGU, Environment Cabinet Secretary
“The government of Kenya is undertaking an inventory of all ivory and rhino horn stockpiles in the country including courts, exhibits and any that might be held by other agencies, by virtue of their legal mandate such as the judiciary, the police customs and wildlife conservancies among others.”

The inventory is expected to yield a national digital database on ivory and rhino horn, which will help the the country’s future auditing work.

Richard Leakey, the chairman of KWS, also urged at the ceremony all countries in the world to stop the ivory trade.

He said quote “Ivory must be seen as only valuable if it is on animal, it should never be seen as a valuable commodity for trade.”

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