Kimberly-Clark’s employees in Venezuela await government to help resume production

The factory of the United States consumer goods giant Kimberly-Clark in Venezuela remains quiet until July 12, while its workers wait for the Venezuelan government to fully take over its operation to reactivate production.

(Soundbite) Jose Adames, Leader of Workers’ Union
“Thanks to the government, it is making decisions right now with all the workers. It is trying to ensure our labor positions and keep the company afloat.”

The resumption of production, with raw materials granted by the state, aimed to protect the welfare of nearly 1,000 local employees of the company, said the Venezuelan authorities.

The American company announced on July 9 to cease production, for not being able to get enough hard currency to buy raw materials.

(Soundbite) Jose Adames, Leader of Workers’ Union
“The company decided arbitrarily. We are left alone. We are abandoned. They were in dialogue with us but made this decision overnight. The boss left. He left us here. There are people who have been hospitalized, and still stuck there. They took up insurance. We are abandoned.”

Kimberly-Clark is headquartered in the United States and present in several countries in Latin America, producing diapers, sanitary towels and toilet paper.

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