King of Tango Carlos Gardel widely remembered in Argentina


The voice and melody takes Argentineans back to the golden era of the 1920s and 1930s, when Carlos Gardel established fame with his tango music and dancing that claimed the souls of generations.

(Soundbite) Daniel Repos, Director of General Archive of Argentina
“His smile and works made him the popular idol and he should be honored accordingly.”

Wednesday marked the 80th anniversary of the death of Carlos Gardel, who left yet another legend of dying young and beautiful for the Argentineans to remember.

To pay their homage to the icon of tango culture, classically clad fans rushed to theaters or even streets to dance with their sweethearts and drown themselves in recollection of the romantic years.

(Soundbite) Ignacio Gonzalez Cano, Researcher of Tango Culture
“I think Gardel is an icon and myth for Argentina.”

Carlos Gardel grew up in this South American country with his French mother, created a series of miracles of tango music and dance, but died in an air crash in 1935 at the age of 45.

As a unique addition, President of the National Academy of Tango Gabriel Soria presented his private collection of Carlos Gardel objects to the exhibition.

Meanwhile, another display was opened at the National Historical Museum to exhibit photographs, shoes, letters, hats and clothes of Carlos Gardel.

At midnight, the public television broadcast a concert by the Symphony Orchestra of Colombia at Medellin ,Colombia, where the singer passed away, to pay tribute to the King of Tango.

These activities were carried out within the framework of the National Plan for Promotion of Tango by the Argentinean Ministry of Culture.

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