Landslide in E. China

Death toll in a landslide in Zhejiang has risen to 36, with one still missing as of Thursday morning.

More than 2,300 rescuers, along with seven sniffer dogs, 60 machines and more than 80 vehicles, are helping with rescue work at the accident site. A radar system is in place to supervise and prevent further disasters.

The landslide buried 27 homes in Lidong Village, Liandu District of Lishui City late Friday night, leaving 38 missing. Only one person has been rescued and is now in stable condition. More than 300 villagers have been relocated.

Owners of the 26 buried homes are settling their insurance claims while the other household is being examined.

The city government has decided on a location for new buildings. A land replacement plan for the affected farmers will be completed in a week.

Fifty psychologists have been sent to help the families of the victims.

Staff with the Ministry of Land and Resources have been dispatched from Beijing to carry out inspections in the neighboring mountain area and prepare an evacuation if necessary.

Lishui had received about 663,000 U.S. dollars in public donations by Tuesday evening.

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