LatAm leaders support Bolivarian Revolution with tribute to Chavez

Three years after Hugo Chavez’s death, Latin American and Caribbean leaders renewed their support for the Venezuelan government and its president, Nicolas Maduro, in a tribute act held in the Teresa Carreno Theatre in the country’s capital city of Caracas.

The international meeting “Chavez, 21st century leader, Latin American and Caribbean Unity” brought together the presidents of Bolivia, Evo Morales; Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega; El Salvador, Salvador Sanchez Ceren and many other high-level government officials.

Soundbite (Spanish) – Evo Morales, President of Bolivia:
“One of the politicians of Latin America and the world – the anti-imperialist brother that taught us to lose our fear against the empire.”

Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro, thanked the international delegations for their presence and remembered Hugo Chavez.

Soundbite (Spanish) – Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela:
“Three years and there could be no other way to remember him than to remember him together with our Latin American and Caribbean brothers. Thanks for being with us always.”

The international visitors reiterated their rejection of the US President Barack Obama’s decision to extend the executive order declaring Venezuela as a security threat for the United States.

Soundbite (Spanish) – Daniel Ortega, president of Nicaragua:
“This is called a declaration of war. It is so serious like the trade embargo against Cuba.”

Tributes to Hugo Chavez then moved to the Mountain Headquarters where his remains have been laid to rest. Remembrance will continue until March 15 with musical, religious, cultural activities.

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