LatAm teachers further trained at Confucius Institute Peru

Forty-nine Latin American teachers of Chinese language started to accept Phase-Two Training on August 6 at the Confucius Institute at the University Ricardo Palma (URP) in Lima.
They are part of the educative force tasked to teach Mandarin to around one million learners on this continent.

(Soundbite) Sun Xintang,
Deputy Director of L.A. Center of the Confucius Institute
“So we know the Chinese language is a bridge and a window. This ancient civilization is very different from the cultures of Latin America. Both of them are very interesting and fascinating. To meet this civilization, the different situation of thinking and the way of being Chinese, the language is a necessity.”

China has so far set up 35 Confucius Institutes in the region in conjunction with universities in 11 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to expand teaching of Chinese language.
After passing Phase One, regional teachers attending the training course can enter Phase Two to master the latest methods of teaching and understanding of Chinese culture and philology.

(Soundbite) Ayelén Leda, Argentinean Trainee
“The relations between Argentina and China can be strengthened. It is necessary to demonstrate to each other about community and citizenship. The first step to know the Chinese culture is to learn the language.”

The current training course included 26 participants from Peru and 23 others from Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

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