Latin artists in Havana to celebrate dance festival

The ancient streets of Havana have heated up during the first week of April, as over 30 representatives from eight Latin American countries convened for the 21st International Festival of Dance.

(Soundbite) Isabel Bustos, Festival Director
“This is a meeting place for artists of all latitudes and a space where people can exchange ideas, knowledge and experience. Such a place as Old Havana is becoming the great scenery to tell the history of Cuba.”

Mexico sent here the largest delegation of 14 dancers, featuring styles both contemporary and classical.

(Soundbite) Susana Barriga, Ecuadorian Dancer
“This festival is peculiar and unique, because there is only one Havana and the environment we live in, from political, social and cultural view, is totally different from other countries.”

The International Festival of Dance has been an established event for 21 years in the oldest part of the Cuban capital, which was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in December 1982.

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