Lawmakers suggest allowing surrogate pregnancy in China

Lawmakers have quite different opinions over a provision on banning surrogate pregnancy in a draft law amendment.

A draft amendment to the family planning law has been submitted for review at the bi-monthly session of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee.

The draft allows couples to have two children, and if adopted, it will alter China’s decades-long policy of “one child” for one couple.

Besides the change, the draft also stipulates that trade of sperm, eggs, and embryos is forbidden. Surrogate pregnancy in any form is not allowed.

However, some legislators argue that the amendment should focus on the two-child proposal while the surrogacy issue is least relevant.

Also, they believe that such an issue needs to be further studied and discussed.

The Law Committee of the NPC also suggested adopting these opinions, and deleting the drafted ban.

The committee also suggests that the amendment should spell out that benefits received by the older generation who abided by the current family planning law and had only one child should not be affected.

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