Leading FMD vaccine producer expands from Argentina to China

Biogenesis Bago, a regional leader in vaccinating cattle against foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), is now expanding into the Chinese market, after growing firm in Argentina and Latin America.

(Soundbite) Fernando Barroumeres, COO of Biogenesis Bago
“Here we manufacture veterinary biologics and vaccines. Our leading product is aphtose fever vaccine. Our vaccine production plant is one of the most advanced in the world.”

The Biogenesis Bago plant is located in the Village Garin, some 40 kilometers north of Buenoa Aires.
It focuses on research, development and commercialization of biotechnology products and veterinary services against cattle diseases.

(Soundbite) Fernando Barroumeres, COO of Biogenesis Bago
“Along with a process that we constructed and validated through years, we have established quality controls to ensure that the raw materials complying quality standards.”

For its Asian expansion, Biogenesis Bago has opened a plant in central China this year, keeping 40 percent of its shares and providing technology to make vaccine and help produce bio-secure food on a large scale, especially dairy and pork products.

(Soundbite) Guillermo Mattioli, Director of Biogenesis Bago
“The spirit of this new company is to make developments and technological linkages with major research centers in China, much more comprehensive than just delivering a quality product to market.”

Biogenesis Bago started its veterinary research and production in 1934, with its headquarters in Argentina and currently opening regional subsidiaries in Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia and Uruguay.

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