Learning to weave China Knots at Lima’s intel book fair

Saturday at the 20th International Book Fair in Peru’s capital Lima, adults and children alike were eager to learn how to make China Knots, an artistic symbol and cultural embodiment of the long-preserved idea of union, harmony and good luck.

(Soundbite) Patricia Zelaya, Participant
“We do everything together as a family. We believe we are showing support for our son when mom and dad participate together.”

Four Chinese teachers from the Confucius Institute at Peru’s Pontifical Catholic University (ICPUCP) handed out brightly-colored ribbons and cords and reiterated the techniques step by step to the participants.

(Soundbite) Lucy Maldonado, Participant
“Starting to make the knot, I see that it requires quite a lot of memory, and above all patience, and certainly good manual skills. As I work on a knot, I feel that I have to really concentrate. It is like a type of meditation.”
Though very much intrigued by the sophistication of the macrame art, the children and their parents apparently seemed determined to get it done.

Besides, those who had a strong learning ability also grasped some preliminary skills to make other Chinese-style accessories like earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

The China Knot making was one of the 650 cultural activities offered during the two-week book fair, which opened Friday.

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