Legendary cars on display at Hot Wheel Salon in Mexico City

Legendary cars on display at Hot Wheel Salon in Mexico City

This was not the premier for the latest Star Wars franchise flick, though you were at the gun points of the armored clone troopers.

What they guarded was the vehicle used as a vital prop in the movie. It appeared here at the 8th Hot Wheel Salon in Mexico City from Sept. 25 to 27 as one of the dozens of classical cars that showcased the designers’ unique aesthetics.

(Soundbite) EDUARDO NAVARRO, Batman Automobile Maintainer
“The idea (of the Batmobile) came from the owner, an engineer. A child always wants to have his own car, mostly starting with a scale model. Model making involves much work. It is hard to make it small and easier to make it big. We just make it bigger to fulfill their aspirations.”

Sports and screen legends could be seen just one step away, attracting more than 15,000 visitors to the show, especially children. Besides large ones, they could also had tiny ones on hand.

(Soundbite) IVAN LOPEZ, Mobile Model Collector
“I collect Hot-wheel cars because I like their models and really want to have one when I grow up.”

Rather than the vehicles, the designers became the stars of the exhibition, because they were live, could speak to you and sign autographs for the visitors, no matter how many.

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