Live: Campus Crawl – Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University 最美校园——西农大

China is a big agricultural country, but Chinese people are very repelled by “being a farmer.” When a university name has “agriculture” in it, many students will resist and think it has no bright future but endless intensive manual labor. Is that still the case today?

CGTN’s Campus Crawlers Oscar Margain and Liu Hui visit Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University (NWAFU), which is located in Yangling, northwest China’s Shaanxi Province. The campus is rich in vegetation with each trail named after a different plant. Follow us to explore the agricultural robots developed by NWAFU students, learn how to grow crops in arid areas, visit the first enology college in Asia where students can learn how to make and savor wines, and feel the charm of tea art in the college of horticulture.

From the land to the table, from the concept to the technology, the students of the NWAFU are committed to the agricultural development of western China’s arid areas, contributing their youth and wisdom, and cultivating food for China and the world.

About ‘#CampusCrawl’

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