Live-fire military drill in Hong Kong

The People’s Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison held a live-fire exercise in the suburbs of Hong Kong on Saturday, the first of its kind since 1997 that local residents have been invited to observe.

At the Tsing Shan shooting range, soldiers with armored vehicles, anti-tank rockets and gunships from the army, navy and air force carried out a simulation of downtown Hong Kong defending.

More than 500 people from all walks of life observed the “Hong Kong Defender-2015C” exercise, which was part of the garrison’s summer drill plan.

“It’s astounding. It’s my first time to watch such an exercise. So many people are working so hard to ensure a peaceful environment.”

“It’s terrific. I had a stately feeling, so impressive.”

Three arms of the PLA, army, navy and air force, have garrisoned Hong Kong since the former British colony was handed over to China in 1997.

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