Locust robot in Israel

Thousands of years after the locust insects appeared in the Old Testament as wreaking havoc in ancient Egypt, the little bugs are providing inspiration for scientists at the Tel Aviv University in Israel.

Their ability to fly to great lengths and jump to enormous height serve as the idea behind a small robot that may change the way humans deal with complex situations.

Engineers and biologists from the Tel Aviv University and ORT Braude College have teamed up together to create the prototype of “TAUB”, an insect robot.

SOUNDBITE(English): AMIR AYALI, Department of Zoology, Tel Aviv University
“Where ever you want to send a small robot, either if you don’ t want it to be detected or when the space is limited, you want your robot to be small. What you want to do with it is totally up to your imagination or the needs. It can do a surveillance, it can do search and rescue. If you’re building a swarm of these, you can them to clean oil spills, whatever you need basically.”

While many bugs can jump high and fly far, the locust excels in both.

The robot can jump 200 times in a row and is both light and strong.

It can be used by militaries worldwide in a variety of ways.

It can also help cope with remote disaster areas that access is limited to.

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