Longest tamale in the world gets made in Mexico

The longest tamale in the world is made in Mexico’s second largest city Guadalajara on May 6.

(Soundbite) Adriana Orozco, Head Chef
“It is made of 20 kilograms of dough, 50 kilograms of meat, 20 kilograms of chipilín, 50 kilograms of butter and 10 kilograms of sofrito.”

Fifty restaurateurs and 35 students of gastronomy from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara accomplished the daring job to produce the typical dish of the country.

(Soundbite) Gourmet
“It’s delicious and took 48 hours for preparation, right before the table is placed.”

Almost 1,000 people witness the cooking procedures, and its top status is measured and officially recognized by the Guinness World Record with an Official Amazing Certificate.

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