Looking China Short Film Week: Tolousophy

Traditionally Chinese people believe in the unity and harmony of heaven, earth and man as the law of nature. The thousand-year-old thinking still permeates almost all aspects of Chinese life even now and contributed to the sustainable prosperity of Chinese culture.
In his film Tulousophy, Director Loana Mischie explores this ancient philosophy by observing the daily life of the locals in Taxia village, southeast China’s Fujian Province. Loana’s storyline unfolds as his perspective changes from Heaven, Earth to Man, offering an idyllic panorama of how the people in Tulou pursue their serene happiness.
Honored with third prize among the 100 films submitted for Looking China Project, this is the fifth film we offer to you during the CCTVNEWS Looking China Short Film Week.
Starting Monday, we are sharing a film a day. Six movies in total will compete for the title “King of Social Media.” If you like the flick, we ask you to spread the word about it, create a buzz around it and share it on your social media accounts. The more views a movie earns, the better chance it has to nab the first place.

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