Luis Almagro should seek for dialogue and respect Venezuela

Luis Almagro should seek for dialogue and respect Venezuela

Luis Almagro, professional diplomat from Uruguay, now serves OAS as secretary general.

(Soundbite) Jose Antonio Egido, Sociology and Politics Analyst
“Luis Almagro is a dark diplomat, member of the National Party (of Uruguay) in his youth. He entered his diplomatic career in 1987 and developed himself in several Uruguayan embassies. …
This might be surprise if you know he jumped boat among parties and shifted to center route.”

Almagro has been the mainstay and advocate for OAS to suspend Venezuela’s membership.

(Soundbite) Jose Alvarado, Presidential Commissioner for Social Security Mission
“Almagro unfortunately has a biased view, standing on a limited position of a minority of people in our country formed at or supported by the National Assembly. This is because he sells a fake product during his campaign. He said he would end the queues (outside our markets) but instead killed a lot of things without accomplishing his promise. Almagro has been carried away, and will pay for the consequences. We say that anyone who messes with Venezuela will get dried.”

In April 2015 when elected as OAS secretary general, the former foreign minister of Uruguay highlighted his determination to lead the Cold War-era group into the 21st century.
However, Venezuelans think that what he does now apparently contradicts what he said then.

(Soundbite) Jose Gregorio Villegas, Caracas Resident
“It looks really like that Almagro has a strong participation in relation to our country. I think it is disrespectful. I understand that he wants to help the opposition force, but we should seek dialogue instead, just as other countries did to solve problems. … I think OAS should seek for it, help people understand each other and respect us. With respect, I think that should be done. ”

(Soundbite) Meriede Belandria, Caracas Citizen
“(Membership suspension) is not what we want. Because running out of OAS will truly make us miss many opportunities. But we can’t control the reality. We do not know where we can get.”

Almagro called for the session of OAS’ permanent council on June 23, warning of “institutional crisis” in Venezuela and requiring “immediate changes in the actions of the executive branch”.
Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez accused him of an “interventionist” approach, adding that “You are in the pay of Washington to intervene in Venezuela’s internal affairs”.

(Soundbite) Jose Alvarado, Presidential Commissioner for Social Security Mission
“We must separate two things, right? Almagro’s position and the OAS position. The OAS position has been very dignified. It supports and endorses, for the most of the time, its member countries, including Venezuela. The Almagro position is an undignified one. It is also an unfortunate position, because his position does not belong to that of the post he assumes. We believe that Venezuela is a country which will solve its internal problems by ourselves.”

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