Luxurious bottles of Cognac Henri IV at hands of Mexican Connoisseur

A collection of Cognac Henri IV in palm-size, jewelry-decorated bottles has made Mexican businessman Fernando Altamirano a world-level connoisseur.

(Soundbite) Fernando Altamirano, Mexican Connoisseur
“This piece is finished in 50 ml or 5cl for the European market. It is made of white gold with platinum, with 2,800 sapphires and rubies of the highest quality. It weighs about 1.5 kilos with cognac of 60 years’ endurance.”

Some bottles are valued at hundreds of thousands of Euros, because they are luxurious and world exclusive.

(Soundbite) Fernando Altamirano, Mexican Connoisseur
“The piece must be displayed under LED lights, so that all the pieces can shine. It is not a conventional piece and not marketed. It is a totally original and unique piece.”

The cognac brand was created by direct ancestors of the beloved French King Henry IV and has been developed by French company Maison Dudognon since 1776.

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