Maduro addresses independence parade, slams opposition leader

Venezuela held a military parade in Caracas on July 5 to commemorate its 205th anniversary of national independence from the Spanish colonial rule.

(Soundbite) Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela
“This is an extraordinary event of our military power. Our military power has to continue to increase. Military power is for independence. Military power is to protect the people and our homeland.”

During the parade, Maduro criticized President of the National Assembly Henry Ramos, who was one of the main leaders of the opposition coalition of the country.

(Soundbite) Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela
“And from here, I say to that rapacious oligarchy, Mr. Ramos, do not mess with the soldiers, do not mess with the sergeants, do not mess with the captains, but get in with me. I am the commander in chief of the armed forces.”

Venezuela won its independence on July 5, 1811, after over 240 years of colonial rule by Spain.

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