Maduro unveils bus factory in conjunction with China auto maker

Considering he began his career as a bus driver right after dropping out of school, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was glad to inaugurate the bus plant in mid-western state of Yaracuy on December 2 in collaboration with China’s Yutong.

Its planned monthly output is of 90 vehicles at the start.

(Soundbite) Nicolas Maduro, Venezuelan President
“And here we are now making buses, right here. And we must deepen this (operation and cooperation). With economic war, with oil at 34 (U.S. dollars a barrel), nothing has stopped us and nothing is going to stop us.”

Maduro hailed the production line as the most up-to-date in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is expected to generate 1,656 direct jobs and 4,300 indirect ones.

The production will cover the demand of Venezuela and other countries in the region, especially those receiving Venezuelan oil at preferential rates.

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