Man breaks 30 beer bottles in 30s, eyes Guinness World Record


A Chinese man is seeking the Guinness World Record for knocking off the bottoms of 30 beer bottles with bare hands within the shortest time.

Zhao Haihao, a resident in the suburbs of Beijing, can finish the trick within 30 seconds, which he says is at least 20 seconds faster than the current world record.

Zhao, now in his early 40s, is running a meat selling stand in Fangshan District of Beijing. He has been practicing the stunt in his spare time for years, saying his profession has helped increase the strength of his arm and hand.

Zhao does the trick by smacking the top of a beer bottle and the bottom will be blown off. Though it looks cool to break glass with bare hands, experts warn that anyone who hasn’t been adequately trained shouldn’t try it, in case they may get hurt.

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