Man finds himself stranded 8 meters high after rescuing stuck kid

A Chinese man who climbed three balconies up a residential building to rescue a dangling kid found himself in need of help after failing to find his way down.

The unidentified man had rushed to help a kid in Shangsi County, south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, who got his head stuck between a window’s guardrails some eight meters above ground.

In footages recorded on a mobile phone, the four-year-old boy could be seen hanging to a rail by his hands with his feet swinging in the air. However, when the firefighters arrived at the scene, the real person who was in need of rescue was the passerby who had successfully secured the boy before ending up in a sticky situation, not knowing how to climb down.

Fortunately, the firefighters brought him down using an aerial ladder.

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