Man floating in mid-air, punished for disrupting traffic

Illusionist or superhero? This man looks like he’s magically floating in the air, clinging to a bus with one palm.

As a matter of fact, it’s a stunt organized by a company in China’s eastern city of Yangzhou, who’s booked the bus to promote its products.

The levitating man raised many eyebrows along the streets, and the man, who looked steady and calm, kept waving to passers-by.

But minutes later, both the man and the bus were stopped by police, who say their move was illegal, as it was dangerous and disruptive to traffic, and went against traffic rules.

Though the stunt is visually stunning and appears to be defying the laws of physics, experts say the trick is simple: the floating man illusion is usually accomplished through the placement of steel rods and supporting bars.

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