Man survives turning into a “human fireball”.

A man survived serious electric shocks and falling from a telegraph pole in Jinhua city, Southeast China’s Zhejiang Province on Thursday. In the video captured by one witness, the man can be seen standing on the telegraph pole and touching the lines above for several times, causing huge sparks and loud bangs, and then falling from the top after turning into a huge “human fireball”. The fireball caused severe burns to large areas of his body, which are not life threatening , according to doctors.

It is thought that the man was in an emotionally unstable condition following a fight with his girlfriend and the incident was a failed suicide attempt. China previously ranked among countries with the highest rate of suicides, with 23.2 suicides per 100,000 people. In recent years this has decreased dramatically to just 9.8, according to a University of Hong Kong study.

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