Mauricio Macri sworn in as President of Argentina

With the official baton in his hand, Mauricio Macri expressed gratitude to the Argentineans for supporting him to be president of the country, right on the balcony of the executive mansion and presidential headquarters of Casa Rosada on December 10 in Buenos Aires.
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Moments earlier while taking the oath of office at Congress, Macri made an appeal to the legislative assembly and Argentineans for “dialogue, respect and working together.”
(Soundbite) Mauricio Macri, Argentine President
“I, Mauricio Macri, swear to God our Lord and these holy Gospels that I will faithfully and honestly fulfill the office of President of Argentina.”
Macri, 56 years old, won a tight race in November, beating ruling party candidate Daniel Scioli by less than 3 points to succeed outgoing president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who did not attend the ceremony.

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