McDonald’s suspends sale of Big Mac in Venezuela

The fast food chain McDonald’s has stopped selling its flagship product, the Big Mac hamburger, in the premises of the franchise in Venezuela.

(Soundbite) Diana Ovalles, Citizen of Caracas
“What they have done is for manipulation, or from the point of view of information, economic warfare. It also has debased our own customers and our elements of gastronomy.”

Venezuelan media reports said that McDonald’s was no longer able to source the thin slice of bread that separates the sandwich’s two meat patties.

(Soundbite) Katherine Anaya, Citizen of Caracas
“It is a shame and sadness to be in this situation. Unfortunately, not only is McDonald’s affected, but some other companies in this scenario.”

McDonald’s has been present in Venezuela for three decades.
It suspended the sale of French fries last year, due to failure in importing the raw materials.

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