Mega mural helps improve community ethos in Mexico City

The mega mural covers more than 200 houses in an area of 20,000 square meters in the neighborhood of Palmitas on a suburban hill of Pachuca, capital city of Mexican state Hidalgo.

It is part of the federal government’s project to counter social problems and restore community fabric.

(Soundbite) EUNICE RENDON , Social Work Coordinator 01:06—01:12
“All of this was painted in seven months. The most important thing behind the project is social participation and correction.”

This community in the Pachuca Hidalgo used to be obsessed with drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, school dropouts and unemployment.

With some 312,500 U.S. dollars of patronage from the federal government, the Germ Crew, a local group of young artists, painted the mural in efforts to change the environment and help lead the residents to the right path of life.

(Soundbite) ENRIQUE GOMEZ, Germ Crew 01:32—01:49
“Through art and community integration, the project aims to deal with violence, empower and transform the community and help the residents recover their dignity.”

The Paint Pachuca Project emerged in 2014 to focus on civic participation as well as social reconstruction and cohesion. Local people were also invited to take part in the creation.

(Soundbite) ARTHUR, Local Teen 02:26—02:46
“I like drawing and I would like to be in this painting and drawing program, but I’m too young to do it. The mural makes me feel safer, because they are painting and drawing and I like what they do.”

So far, the mural in Pachuca Hidalgo has become a tourist destination in Mexico.

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