Mexican agents spot tunnel of drugs destined for U.S.

In the darkness of the night on Oct. 21, federal agents of Mexico discovered a tunnel under the country’s Pacific state of Baja California, which was used to transport large quantities of drugs from its border city of Tijuana to San Diego in California, the United Sates.

Sixteen suspected drug dealers were arrested within the tunnel, 10 meters wide and 800 meters long. Fifteen of them were from the notorious Sinaloa Cartel, but they were believed to carry out joint criminality with gangsters from other organizations.

(Soundbite) Alejandro Lares Valladares, Public Security Chief of Tijuana
“The information that the detainees disclosed showed that they acted independently. No. Until now, (we found that) they shared a lot with another criminal gang or organization.”

Within the tunnel, the agents seized 873 packets of drugs, mostly marijuana, which weighed around 10 tonnes.

The tunnel was installed with metallic pillars, lights, a ventilation system powered by car batteries and a rail-mounted platform to convey drugs.

The investigation had lasted for weeks around the spot, where trucks frequently passed to drop off drugs destined for the U.S.

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