Mexican APP helps cure manual obtuseness

This APP shown here on computer but specially designed for mobile phone, aims to help cure manual disabilities and improve hand motion.

(Soundbite) Hector Cardona Reyes, APP Inventor
“Patients going to clinics involve cost and sophisticated equipment. Many of them do not have the solvency or are in very remote locations. It is hard for them to see doctors.”

This APP can help patients reduce or avoid pain and inconvenience. A constant practice in accordance with its instructions will allow people to have at home the experience with a doctor.

(Soundbite) Claudia Viridiana Sanchez, Family Member of Patient
“You just perform these activities (in line with the APP). You get improved. Conditions are alleviated.”

Rehabilitation and progress are what interest the inventors at the Autonomous University in Mexico’s central state of Aguascalientes pursued, when they conducted research about the therapy system to improve strength, stability and coordination of impaired human hand.

Now in its final testing phase, the APP will soon rolled out for free download.

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