Mexican aquarium stages dance show at night for more visitors

Fancy costumes, brisk steps and flirting rhythm, the prom endows the Inbursa Aquarium in Mexico city with a different scene of pomp and glitter .

Even the penguins swim faster to the beat and heat.

(Soundbite) Karen Rivera, Visitor
“I found it very amusing. There are many species. It very much enlightens me. The night at the aquarium is very dynamic, because there are music and dance.”

When the dance is on, the water tanks and the species inside are just induced to background.

(Soundbite) Francisco Oviedo, Visitor
“It is definitely amazing for what we have seen. This is the top floor and the facilities are amazing. Behind this shark, what is happening now is incredible. I have never been to such an aquarium night.”

Inbursa, the largest aquarium in Latin America, opens the nocturne session from 7 to 10 o’clock in late April to attract alternative audience, of course for amusement as well as ensuing profits.

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