Mexican artisans carve national coins into any shape you want

With a string saw and deft hands, the craftsmen can carve any shape you want out of Mexican coins, which has become a major cultural attraction in the resort city of Cancun on Yucatan Peninsula.

(Soundbite) Gustavo Delba, Coin Carver
“It’s something different and unique. Mexicans and foreigners like it a lot. It is something not seen anywhere else. They are surprised that such an elaborate job can get done. Many think they are made by laser or something, but they are made just by hands and with a saw.”

This artistic amazement has been passed on through generations within the Gustavo family, and the tradition embodying art and creativity just fascinates lots of travelers.

(Soundbite) Gustavo Delba, Coin Carver
“Every market is different. For example, for the U.S. visitors, football is what they like, also baseball and basketball. For the Europeans, culture icons are well accepted.”

As the popularity of coin carving expands, even major companies start to ask the family to develop their logos within Mexican coins, including Chevrolet, Volkswagen and China’s official Xinhua News Agency.

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