Mexican cabbie dedicated to serving Pokemon fans

In Minatitlán, in the Mexican state of Veracruz, Eliseo Emilio Cacho Dorantes, a young taxi driver, hit upon the idea of offering his cab, and those of his colleagues, to transport players of the Pokemon Go craze, a decision which has changed his life.

(Soundbite) Emilio Cacho, Taxi Driver
“I first tried to understand the game. I had the purpose of the game explained to me. I arrived home, spoke with my family and saw on social media that everybody was going crazy about Pokemon Go. Therefore, I decided to offer my taxi to its players.”

He posted a photo, with his cell phone number, on Facebook, advertising his taxi and players began to ring him.

(Soundbite) Emilio Cacho, Taxi Driver
“I am learning about the Pokemon game, so when players tell me they are missing some creatures, I tell them where I heard they might be and take them there.”

Emilio does not play but he has become an expert on where to find certain Pokemon and guides his clients through the streets to find new creatures, gyms and Pokestops.
Furthermore, the Poketaxi service is very useful as it allows players to search for Pokemon safely, without needing to fear an accident or robbery.

(Soundbite) Gustavo Gómez, Pokemon Go Fan
“I see this as something good and different. This is something that shows innovation and helps us catch Pokemon in safety and comfort. It also helps us avoid getting too tired in Minatitlan with very hot climate and slow Internet speeds.”

Emilio charges 130 pesos for the first hour and 100 pesos from the second hour. However, he has received calls from players in nearby towns, allowing him to charge up to 250 pesos an hour.
Part of Emilio’s motivation is moving his career ahead. While he has been a taxi driver for 11 years, Emilio is now planning to buy his own taxi and a plate, rather than rent.

(Soundbite) Emilio Cacho, Taxi Driver
“I did set out thinking that it could be this popular. But this is now done. I did not let this opportunity slip me by. Do you hope to get more benefits? Here you go!”

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