Mexican drug kingpin Guzman transferred to prison near U S border

It may look like a normal day for the federal prison near the U.S border on May 7, but the security appears much heavier than usual.

Yes, convicted Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin Chapo Guzman is transferred to Town Ciudad Juarez in northern state of Chihuahua.

It happened at 1:30 local time, with more than 100 federal and military agents stationed around.

For the handcuffed guest from the maximum security Altiplano Prison in central Mexico, such a change of location means a lot, as some drug traffickers used to be extradited from here to the United States.

However, the National Security Commission (CNS) announces earlier that the transfer is done because the Altiplano Prison is under maintenance.

The leader of the powerful Sinaloa Cartel was caught on January 8 and then sent to Altiplano, the best facilitated confinement in this country.

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