Mexican girl with Down Syndrome back home from world gymnastics contest with gold medals

Wild applause welcomed Weztel Barbara Maria Aguilar, or Bibi, back home on November 24 in Mexico’s southeastern state of Veracruz.
She just won three gold medals at the World Artistic Gymnastics Women Championship of Down Syndrome Patients on November 14 in Italy.
(Soundbite) Bibi, Mexican Gymnast
“(I performed) Handstand, cartwheel, back splash, bar rolling and other skills (in categories of horse jumping, balance beam and floor show).”
The applause for her performance at the stadium of her school was even wilder.

(Soundbite) Monica Aguilar, Bibi’s Mother
“I think Bibi broke conventions and paradigms. Being the youngest, she had the best performance and we came back happy with trophies.”
Conquering low muscle tone and intellectual disability, the 16-year-old girl made her hometown proud of her and won the hearts of all the teachers and schoolmates.
(Soundbite) Efren Ramirez, Bibi’s Coach
“She exercised hard and managed the competition. A big goal was achieved. She beat competitors from big countries like Russia, Italy and China. Unbelievable! We succeed.”

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