Mexican therapy dogs help children beat autism

Frida III and Cheto get very excited but deliver their service well during their first day at the local lab to help children with autism in Mexico’s central state of Zacatecas.
(Soundbite) Hugo Armando Enriquez, Lab Director
“These therapy dogs boast a very specific profile, not like any other dogs for such work.”
Right after their birth, this pair of golden retrievers has been trained for five months for competence, let alone their inheritance from Mom Frida, who had two years’ experience in assisted therapy.
(Soundbite) Hugo Armando Enriquez, Lab Director
“Number one is attachment. The second is reactivity that they can have before a painful stimulus. The third is recovery of a fright or a shock.”
Out of the preparation, the canines have earned their international certifications, together with a vocation sense inherently grown in their blood.
(Soundbite) Carmen Romero, Patient’s Mother
“They help our children regain awareness, socialize and raise their self-esteem.”
The ITACANI program carried out at the lab is supported by the government and has so far helped dozens of local children overcome different types of autism.

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