Mexicans outline “flesh bike” to mark World Bicycle Day

Almost 5,000 cyclists lined up in formation of a bicycle on April 10 in Mexico City in an effort to raise awareness about using the ecological transportation means and help reduce pollution.

(Soundbite) Paula Delgado, Celebrator
“On bike, you can live a good life in the city. Through bicycle riding, we can have a good society and a more friendly city.”

This was part of the city’s celebration of the World Bicycle Day which comes nine days later.

(Soundbite) Carmen Flores, Celebrator
“Apart from environmental consideration, cycling is an exercise that benefits health, help reduce weight and make us active, attentive and relaxing.”

Cycling is one of the most welcomed leisure sports in the capital city, and the celebration was coordinated by the Ministry of Environment and fans clubs to demonstrate the vigor of the city.

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