Mexicans share bread 1,440 meters long on Day of Kings

A piece of bread, 1,440 meters long, was cut into small pieces for thousands of Mexicans to enjoy on January 5 on the central square of Mexico City, to celebrate the Day of Kings when the three Eastern Kings were believed to present gifts to baby Jesus.
(Soundbite) GUADALUPE AGISS, Housewife
“The Day of Kings means that Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar came to welcome baby Jesus who was born on the 24th. They followed the Star of Bethlehem with presents for Jesus.”
The colossal piece of bread was made out of over 17 tons of flour, butter, egg and sugar as well as a thousand liters of milk.
(Soundbite) EDGAR MORALES, Worker
“The bread is meant to mark the birth of Jesus. When Herod ordered to kill all the children, Jesus hid in the bread and survived.”
While sharing the bread, each child expected to receive toys or presents purportedly from the kings, and the lucky ones may even see the visions of Star Bethlehem and baby Jesus himself.

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