Mexico advanced in curing fetal diseases to help avoid premature death

Doctors in Mexico’s north-central state of Queretaro have made advancements in curing fetal ailments or deficiency to help avoid premature death.

(Soundbite, Spanish) Rogelio Cruz, Doctor
“Mom is awake throughout the procedure. And that needle enters the uterus and the amniotic sac. Then through that needle, which is hollow, we enter a camera measuring one to two millimeters in diameter, and then we have access to different organs of the baby.”

Doctors at the Hospital of Medical Specialties for Children and Women innovated the treatment of fetuses between 15 and 32 weeks, with the help of miniature cameras and needle-size instruments.

(Soundbite, Spanish) Sandra Montoya Ferrer, Mother of Twins Survivors
“We were operated with the separation of the children, so they could have the chance of living and yes we are very grateful to the doctors.”

Ferrer’s twin fetuses survived and were born well, after taking surgeries for transfusion syndrome and less frequent heart beats.

So far, the doctors at the Queretaro hospital have made more than 300 successful operations for fetuses.

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