Mexico feels glee of China’s Spring Festival

Something truly beautiful happened at the Mexico City Theater where typical Chinese dances, songs, acrobatics and magic came together on Monday in a homage to Oriental culture.

Named “Cultures of China – Spring Festival 2016″, this show continues the tradition of celebrating the Lunar New Year, which this year is under the sign of the Monkey, a traditional bringer of luck and abundance. The costumes worn on stage, shining and bathed in light, were meant to symbolize the path of joy to the hundreds of Mexicans in attendance.

(SOUNDBITE, Spanish) Veronica Shou, member of the audience
“It is a small part of China here in Mexico. It was marvelous, the whole show was spectacular. Everything was done with a lot of love and everything the performers wanted to express came across in the show.”

The impressive acrobatic feats and the enchanting rhythms of Chinese instruments gave the evening an unforgettable atmosphere for the public.

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