Mida Creek: birds’ paradise of Kenya

In coastal Kenya, there’s a large saline lagoon–the Mida Creek, located in the country’s popular tourism region of Malindi.

Merging with a 1600 hectare Mangrove forest, this ever green Mida Creek a major stop for the migratory birds.

The Mida Creek forms an ecology for many species of birds

The area has a number of different habitats supporting a diverse range of flora and fauna including both indigenous and migratory species.

Crustaceans and other invertebrate species also form their habitats in the ecology, forming a source of food for wildlife.

The Mida Creek is the right place where bird lovers can relax.

Visitors can see different types of migrant birds which include greater flamingos, Terek and sand plovers.

The biggest attraction is the 260 meters walk board where visitors get a chance to experience an overhead view of the scenic creek and its surroundings.

Mida Creek is believed to be an important birding area and is significant in the passage as a wintering location for migrant waders from Paleartic regions such as northern Africa, Europe, Asia and the Himalaya foothills.

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