Miss Venezuela 2015 asks young talents to stay home and help country

A collective kiss from the trio of Miss Venezuelan winners this year just intoxicated the media members who came to Caracas on Friday to cover their calling for young talents to remain in their motherland to serve the country and its people.

(Soundbite) MARIAM HABACH, Miss Venezuela 2015
“People who leave the country to study abroad or work elsewhere are not bad. But it is necessary for them to come back here with latest knowledge, so that Venezuela can grow fast and united.”

The beauties deplored the current situation that more and more Venezuelans were leaving for overseas employment, because their country suffered from sliding economy and extreme shortage of essential goods.

(Soundbite): MARIAM HABACH, Miss Venezuela 2015
“What is happening in that country goes beyond culture and religion. I think the reality has to be accepted. We should always try to do something to make the world better with peace and tranquility in the spirit of each person.”

Venezuela has a reputation for sending young girls to international beauty pageants. Those winning global titles enjoy wide popularity back home.

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