MLB stars in Havana teaching kids to pitch and field

High-fives from Major League Baseball (MLB) stars brightened up the lives of these young Cuban players, before their new training began on December 15 in Havana.

(Soundbite) José Abreu, Cuban Player of MLB
“No words can decipher this moment. Believe me, we are very grateful of the opportunity that they are giving us. We are a hundred percent Cuban. This is the most important thing.”

At the invitation of Cuban authorities, the United States all-star coalition sent members to Havana for a three-day visit.

(Soundbite) Joe Torre, Sport Operations Director of MLB
“I think that this opens the door for the discussion about the possibility of playing here in the spring. That is the main reason for which we are here and it is the fact that, you know, we all love the game baseball.”

Baseball is the No. 1 game in the island and many native pitchers and fielders have gone to America to make their dreams come true.

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