More Taiwan firms enter Pingtan FTZ

Since new preferential policies were announced on July 15th, southeast China’s Pingtan free trade zone has attracted more businesses.

On Saturday, over 40 enterprises from Taiwan’s Changhua County entered the free trade zone in Fujian Province.

China’s coastal town of Pingtan became a special customs zone a year ago, featuring tax-free Taiwan products and special rules on importation of vehicles from the other side of the Taiwan Strait.

As the Fujian Free Trade Zone was launched in April this year, Pingtan became an essential part of it.

On July 15th, dozens more preferential policies were unveiled, which further facilitates merchants on both sides of the Strait.

SOUNDBITE: LIU ZHENRONG, Vice Chairman of Changhua Business Expansion Association
“We appreciate the preferential policies, such as tax exemption, which helped Taiwan companies save money. Moreover, Customs clearance and transportation in Pingtan is fast and efficient, which also reduced our costs. So we can sell high-quality products with lower prices to the mainland’s customers.”

According to Pingtan customs, during the past year, 414 companies were registered in the free trade zone thanks to tax breaks, nearly five times the number in the previous year.

Local officials say, Pingtan, which faces Taiwan across the Taiwan Strait, will attract more businesses with more preferential policies being rolled out.

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