Mother abuses kid in public, arouses outrage online

A video showing a shocking scene of a mother beating her child in public is going viral on China’s social media. In the video which was reportedly shot in the city of Hunchun in northeast China’s Jilin Province, a woman was seen slapping a kid and then kicking the child onto the ground. Several onlookers were spotted arguing with her and persuaded her not to be brutal to the child.
However, the woman seemed to have no regret but continued biting the poor kid. Finally, one of the onlookers couldn’t bear it and sparred with the woman, but then she demanded 1,000 yuan(150 US dollars)from the onlooker.
The woman was later confirmed to be the mother of the kid and had been divorced with the kid’s father for over one year. The local women’s federation had attempted to connect with the mother but failed as she didn’t have a permanent address. According to the lawyer, the woman’s abuse over her child had violated the Law on the Protection of Minors and she would face administrative punishment.

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