Mother, sick with Zika, gives birth to healthy baby in Mexico

A young Mexican woman who fell ill with Zika during her pregnancy has given birth to a baby, who was apparently born healthy and without signs of microcephaly. She is currently being attended to at a public hospital before being sent home to the El Carmen in the coastal zone of Chiapas state, where she is recuperating.

(SOUNDBITE, Spanish) – Karen Paola, Mother suffering from Zika
“They (the doctors)came from Mexico City to see him and check out on him. They expected that when he grows bigger, it will not cause harm on him. When he gets one year old, I will take him to the doctors again.”
The baby boy, weighing 2.8 kilos, is named Erik Bernardo by his parents. The new mother is still concerned about the possibility of symptoms related to Zika appearing later in his life. However, specialists will monitor the baby closely during his first years of life.
(SOUNDBITE, español) – Karen Paola, mother suffering from Zika
“Yes I was prescribed medication, but the baby wasn’t. The doctors said that I just needed to feed him to help him recuperate well. As long as his weight goes well, everything will be fine.”
In Karen’s house, near the Pacific Ocean and home to eight people, Erik is the only one who has not been sick from Zika.
After Brazil where many babies have been born with microcephaly to mothers suffering from Zika, no other country has shown an unconnected link to both diseases. Mexico would be the first country where a case unconnected to the association of both diseases is unknown.

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