Mother’s day in India

In India, Mother’s Day celebration is catching up every year.

Young mothers because of greater media and Internet exposure, are more aware of the day.

Garima, a young professional based in New Delhi is also mother to a 6-7 year old kid.

An independent behavioural consultant and a trainer in an education company, Garima straddles many roles with ease!

Being a mother is not easy for her as her job is very competitive. But dynamic as she is, she manages it.

She feels there is a great difference in her generation of mothers and those of the previous generation.

GARIMA, Freelance Behavioural Training Consultant
“I think what i would say primarily the difference is that we are more outgoing, the kind of work our mothers used to do then and we now has totally changed. The world has come closer – technology, information, internet, all of it has got everything so put together that there is no boundary really. So for example, as a mother today, I am open to working late. I travel much more than my mother ever did and i think the kid also understands that “.

“My mother always takes me around wherever i want to go. She fulfils all my needs and wishes and helps me in my schoolwork as well!”.

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