Mothership of Chinese deep-sea submersible launched

Chinese scientists moves one step closer to exploring the Mariana trench, the deepest part of the world.

The mothership of China’s first deep-sea submersible was launched in east China’s Zhejiang Province on Thursday.

Researchers say the submersible is capable of surveying more than 10,000 meters under water.

The carrier, Zhang Jian, is named after an entrepreneur and educator in modern China, and is expected to be put into service in July.

The 4,800-ton ship will go through trial voyages and equipment tests until the end of June.

It will make its first official voyage to the 8,000-meter deep New Britain Trench in the Pacific Ocean in July and August.

Its second trip will be in December to the world’s deepest trench — Mariana Trench, where the lowest point is about 11,000 meters deep.

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